Visitors are welcome at Blackbeard but if you are not a reciprocal club member using our dock, you need to be accompanied by a member at all times.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times and wear a life preserver when on the docks.

Here are some local resources:

Groceries and Liquor:

There is a small conveninence store at Northwest Creek Marina. The Fairfield Fuel Mart, approximately 4 miles up Broad Creek sells beer, wine, soft drinks, ice cream. and some packaged foods. Need more? From BSC, take a right on Broad Creek Road and travel approximately 7 miles. Turn LEFT onto NC-55 W. You'll see a full service Food Lion supermarket on the left. An ABC Store (liquor store) is in the Harris Teeter Plaza in New Bern. Continue past the Food Lion Plaza and Merge onto US-17 S onto the high-rise bridge. Take the US-17 ramp toward Jacksonville, NC. Turn LEFT onto US-17 S (MLK Jr. Blvd). Turn RIGHT onto S Glenburnie Blvd and make an immediate right into the Harris Teeter Plaza. The ABC Store is on the far left of the plaza.


Marine diesel and gasoline are available at Northwest Creek Marina less than 2nm by water from Blackbeard Sailing Club. Fairfield Fuel Mart 4 miles on the right up Broad Creek road provides fuel and motor oil for automobiles and outboards.

Hardware Stores:

Mitchell's Hardware stocks all manner of modern hardware behind an old-time storefront about 20 minutes from BSC on Craven Street in New Bern. Start out going Northwest on BROAD CREEK RD. Turn LEFT onto NC-55 W. Take the US-70-BR/US-55 W exit toward NEW BERN. Turn RIGHT onto NC-55/US-70 BR/US-17. Continue to follow NC-55/US-70 BR. Turn LEFT onto S FRONT ST. Turn LEFT onto CRAVEN ST. Mitchell's Hardware is on the left.

Internet Access:

BSC has a desktop computer in the clubhouse with a broadband connection. If you have a laptop computer aboard, you will find BSC is a wireless hotspot. There is no WEP - just scan for available connections and you'll find us. Free-access public internet terminals are also  available at the New Bern-Craven County Library about 25 minutes from BSC on on Johnson Street in New Bern. From BSC, start out going Northwest on BROAD CREEK RD. Turn LEFT onto NC-55 W. Take the US-70-BR/US-55 W exit toward NEW BERN. Turn RIGHT onto NC-55/US-70 BR/US-17. Continue to follow NC-55/US-70 BR. Turn LEFT onto NC-55/US-70 BR/US-17. Turn RIGHT onto MIDDLE ST. Turn LEFT onto JOHNSON ST.

Laundry Services:

From BSC, take a right on Broad Creek Road and travel approximately 7 miles. Turn LEFT onto NC-55 W. and merge onto Highway 17S. Take the Highway 70 exit toward Morehead City. Almost immediately after the merge, you'll see a Food Lion shopping plaza on the right, just before the turn toward the airport. In that plaza is a Cowell's Cleaners. They have a bank of public washer/dryers and a soap dispenser.

Notary Services:

If you're selling/buying a boat or need an impartial witness to the signatures on any document you'll find services available at the Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Assoc. office located at 902 Coral Reef Drive on the right as you approach the Harbour's eastern gate. Its within easy bicycle or walking distance. Ph. 252-633-5500

Post Office:

From BSC, take a right on Broad Creek Road and continue for approximately 7 miles. Turn LEFT onto NC-55 W. Merge onto US-17 N. The Bridgeton Post Office is a brick structure on the left next to Bridgeton Hardware.

Marine Supplies:

West Marine in New Bern and Roy's Marine Supply in Bayboro.  There are NAPA, Carquest and Autozone stores in New Bern.


B&B Hurricane at Northwest Creek Marina.  Pizza opposite the Fairfield Fuel Mart.  Subway and Chinese take out beside Food Lion.  Use this link to find restaurants in New Bern.

May Epitaph is Available

The May edition of Blackbeard's Epitaph is available to read, download or print. Please click here.

Bill Green - 05/01/2017

2017 Budget & 2017 Calendar

At its meeting on December 10th, the Board approved BSC's 2017 Budget and our 2017 Events Calendar. You will find these new documents under Members / Club Documents.

The calendar is a living document that will be updated frequently. If you want the most up-to-date information, please check back for the latest version. And keep an eye open for announcements about events, dates and times by email and in the Epitaph.

Eddy Parker - 12/11/2016

Landscape Donations Needed

So far we have collected over $300 from members toward our goal of $750 for this fall.  We plan to plant dogwoods, red buds and a large red crepe myrtle during the prime fall planting season.  We also have some azaleas donated to place in the woods to brighten up our spring colors.

Ellen Beery, Garden Gang chair will be out of town into November, so please send contributions of $30, $50. or $100 to Mark Brennesholtz, 9322 Ocean Drive, Emerald Isle, NC  28594.

Keep it coming to beautify BSC!

Mark Brennesholtz - 09/11/2016

Strategic Planning Task Force Survey

The results of the Strategic Planning Task Force's June survey have been summarized and posted on the  website. Log in with your password and look in Members / Club Documents.

Bill Green - 06/23/2016

Notice of Intent to Dispose of Abandoned Property

Notice of Intent to Dispose of Abandoned Property
Our dry storage and dinghy captains have been working diligently to identify the owners of all of the boats and trailers on our property.  There have been pictures and locations of unidentified boats listed in the Epitaph for the last three months, and progress has been made.  There are still a number of items stored at the club for which we do not know the owner.  Boats and trailers that we consider abandoned property.  This has been a growing problem, and one that needs to be addressed.  If you haven’t done so, review the list and let the appropriate person know if an item is yours.
If you have not notified Blackbeard Sailing Club by workday, your item will be removed from club property.
Eddy Parker, Commodore

Eddy Parker - 02/25/2016

Weather Station at BSC

Membership Application Form

Our Membership Application Form has been revised to accommodate the new Intermediate Membership class. The new form is available online from the Members | Club Documents page. Paper copies are also available in the Clubhouse. As a brief refresher, please make note of the Membership process as outlined here:

  • Application for membership requires two sponsors who must be current members in good standing. One of the sponsors has to have been a member for more than one year. These members will explain the basics of the Club and will act as mentors.
  • Once the prospective Member and his/her sponsors have filled out the Application form, one of your sponsors should ensure that it reaches the Membership Committee.
  • The Membership Committee will schedule an interview with the prospective Member—an informal discussion to determine what their expectations are and to explain more about BSC. 
  • The next step will be to email names and addresses to the members at large who will have 10 days to contact a member of the Board of Directors with any questions.  
  • At the next BOD meeting, the prospective Members’s name will be submitted for approval. 
  • Once approved, the Membership Committee will schedule an orientation session. We usually wait until we have 4 candidate families before scheduling orientation. 

Dave Whitney - 07/08/2015

Boat US Hurricane Preparation Guide

Hurricane Irene has taught us a lesson: We can never be too prepared for a major storm! Thirteen boats in the trees. Dock boxes and dinghy racks thrown around like matchsticks. We could have been better prepared!

Boat US publlishes Preparing Baots and Marinas for Hurricanes which can be found under "Tips | Hurricane Prep".

Every member should review this document!

Bill Green - 09/05/2011

Security at BSC

The gate should never be left open after dark! If you are not sure whether you’re the last person on site, then please assume you are and close the gate!

If you don’t know how to do this, please ask a Board member who will be happy to assist. The security of the Club’s assets (and every member’s assets) is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Bill Green - 08/03/2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Alcohol Must Be Under Your Direct Control

The Club's permit issued by the NC Alcoholic Beverage Commission is at risk if members do not comply with the ABC Commission rules. Every member who brings beer, wine or liquor on the premises must have the items under their control at all times.

If you bring alcoholic beverages to the club house, please bring them in a small cooler or bag with your name on it. DO NOT place alcoholic beverages in the refrigerators.  We have been given one warning in the past. Do not be the member that causes our permit to be revoked.

Bill Green - 08/02/2010

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