Are you intimidated by the thought of hurricane-anchoring in the soft mud of our creeks? Well, once you know how, it's far safer than staying in a slip.

Have you stayed away from rafting because you're confused by the cats-cradle tangle of lines used? Well, once you know how, you'll find rafting is a terrific way to spend a weekend with friends on another boat.... and you'll sleep better doing it.

Do you find that traditional sailing texts on these subjects are overloaded with technical details you'll never use? If that's you... or maybe your crew... then the linked on the left of this page are for you!

If you have something you learned (either the hard or easy way) and would like to share it with other members, please pass it on to our webmaster This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the form of a straight text email (or an attached file if you want to get fancy). Submissions may be edited for brevity, etc.

November Epitaph is Available

The November edition of Blackbeard's Epitaph is available to read, download or print. Please click here.

Bill Green - 11/01/2015

Revised Bylaws are Online

At its regular meeting on October 17, the Board of Directors adopted revised Bylaws. The latest version can be found under Members | Club Documents.

Bill Green - 10/19/2015

Election of Officers and Directors

This year, voting in BSC’s election of Officers and Directors will be conducted online. Here is an outline the election process.

  1. On or about October 20th, nominations will close. If you wish to add your name to the list of candidates, you must make that known to a member of the Nominating Committee before October 20th.
  2. Active Members in good standing may vote in the election. Members with unpaid account balances older than 30 days are not in good standing and may not vote. On or about October 21st, the Club Secretary will finalize the list of those eligible to vote. Make sure your account is current before the 21st.
  3. Your primary email address is key to the online voting process. Before October 21st, it is very important that you log onto the Club website, navigate to the “My Account” page and then verify that your primary email address is correct.
  4. On or about October 23rd, an emailed invitation to vote will be sent to Active Members in good standing at their primary email address. This email will contain a link to the online voting website where you may cast your vote for the candidates of your choice. Voting will remain open from October 23rd through November 6th. Please watch your inbox and cast your vote.
  5. The election results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on November 7th. Please plan to attend the AGM!

The Board has appointed four BSC Members to oversee the election: Hal Von Dolln, Joe Gormley, Jeff Hallquist and Drew McCrocklin. Please contact them with questions.

Bill Green - 10/04/2015

Weather Station at BSC

Membership Application Form

Our Membership Application Form has been revised to accommodate the new Intermediate Membership class. The new form is available online from the Members | Club Documents page. Paper copies are also available in the Clubhouse. As a brief refresher, please make note of the Membership process as outlined here:

  • Application for membership requires two sponsors who must be current members in good standing. One of the sponsors has to have been a member for more than one year. These members will explain the basics of the Club and will act as mentors.
  • Once the prospective Member and his/her sponsors have filled out the Application form, one of your sponsors should ensure that it reaches the Membership Committee.
  • The Membership Committee will schedule an interview with the prospective Member—an informal discussion to determine what their expectations are and to explain more about BSC. 
  • The next step will be to email names and addresses to the members at large who will have 10 days to contact a member of the Board of Directors with any questions.  
  • At the next BOD meeting, the prospective Members’s name will be submitted for approval. 
  • Once approved, the Membership Committee will schedule an orientation session. We usually wait until we have 4 candidate families before scheduling orientation. 

Dave Whitney - 07/08/2015

Boat US Hurricane Preparation Guide

Hurricane Irene has taught us a lesson: We can never be too prepared for a major storm! Thirteen boats in the trees. Dock boxes and dinghy racks thrown around like matchsticks. We could have been better prepared!

Boat US publlishes Preparing Baots and Marinas for Hurricanes which can be found under "Tips | Hurricane Prep".

Every member should review this document!

Bill Green - 09/05/2011

Security at BSC

The gate should never be left open after dark! If you are not sure whether you’re the last person on site, then please assume you are and close the gate!

If you don’t know how to do this, please ask a Board member who will be happy to assist. The security of the Club’s assets (and every member’s assets) is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Bill Green - 08/03/2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Alcohol Must Be Under Your Direct Control

The Club's permit issued by the NC Alcoholic Beverage Commission is at risk if members do not comply with the ABC Commission rules. Every member who brings beer, wine or liquor on the premises must have the items under their control at all times.

If you bring alcoholic beverages to the club house, please bring them in a small cooler or bag with your name on it. DO NOT place alcoholic beverages in the refrigerators.  We have been given one warning in the past. Do not be the member that causes our permit to be revoked.

Bill Green - 08/02/2010

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