Are you intimidated by the thought of hurricane-anchoring in the soft mud of our creeks? Well, once you know how, it's far safer than staying in a slip.

Have you stayed away from rafting because you're confused by the cats-cradle tangle of lines used? Well, once you know how, you'll find rafting is a terrific way to spend a weekend with friends on another boat.... and you'll sleep better doing it.

Do you find that traditional sailing texts on these subjects are overloaded with technical details you'll never use? If that's you... or maybe your crew... then the linked on the left of this page are for you!

If you have something you learned (either the hard or easy way) and would like to share it with other members, please pass it on to our webmaster This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the form of a straight text email (or an attached file if you want to get fancy). Submissions may be edited for brevity, etc.

One Design Regatta August 23 & 24

The 2014 One Design Regatta will take place at BSC on August 23 and 24. Click here for the NOR and to register for racing on the Regatta Network website. 
Non-racing members and their guests are invited to join the racers for the post-race social on Saturday afternoon. The social will start shortly after racers return to the docks. We'll be serving brats and burgers, potato salad, baked beans and chips, all for $8 per person!

To register for the meal, please log in and look in "Social Events" under the Members’ menu. 
We need volunteers to help with this event, so when you register, please use "Comments" to tell us if you can help with: Race Committee / driving and manning chase and rescue boats / preparing the meal / cleaning up after the meal. I look forward to seeing you at the One Design!

Eddy Parker - 08/15/2014

Board Approves New Membership Procedure

At its August meeting, the Board approved a streamlined Membership Procedure to get applicants approved in a more timely manner. The new procedure requires two sponsors as before, but a nomination form is no longer needed. The Application Form now captures all essential information and the sponsors certify that basic information about the Club has been explained. In addition, the applicants' names and addresses will be submitted to the membership by email blast and members will have ten days to contact a Board member with questions. 

A more detailed explanation will be included in the next Epitaph. In the meantime, you'll find the new Membership Process and Application Form in Club Documents on the Members' website.

Dave Whitney - 08/13/2014

Hurricane Arthur: It Could Have Been Worse!

July 4th dawned bright and clear at BSC and, if you didn't look toward Broad Creek, you wouldn't know that Hurricane Arthur had passed by us in the middle of the night. We were spared any significant damage to the clubhouse, grounds and docks. Most members' boats in Broad and Goose Creeks fared well too. However, a few unfortunate folks found their boats aground in the morning. But it could have been much worse if the storm track had been just 20 or 30 miles to the east. What a wake-up call!

Thanks to all who responded so quickly to move your boats away from the docks.

Bill Green - 07/05/2014

Boat US Hurricane Preparation Guide

Hurricane Irene has taught us a lesson: We can never be too prepared for a major storm! Thirteen boats in the trees. Dock boxes and dinghy racks thrown around like matchsticks. We could have been better prepared!

Boat US publlishes Preparing Baots and Marinas for Hurricanes which can be found under "Tips | Hurricane Prep".

Every member should review this document!

Bill Green - 09/05/2011

Security at BSC

The gate should never be left open after dark! If you are not sure whether you’re the last person on site, then please assume you are and close the gate!

If you don’t know how to do this, please ask a Board member who will be happy to assist. The security of the Club’s assets (and every member’s assets) is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Bill Green - 08/03/2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Alcohol Must Be Under Your Direct Control

The Club's permit issued by the NC Alcoholic Beverage Commission is at risk if members do not comply with the ABC Commission rules. Every member who brings beer, wine or liquor on the premises must have the items under their control at all times.

If you bring alcoholic beverages to the club house, please bring them in a small cooler or bag with your name on it. DO NOT place alcoholic beverages in the refrigerators.  We have been given one warning in the past. Do not be the member that causes our permit to be revoked.

Bill Green - 08/02/2010

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