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Fred Latham Regatta - January 1, 2015

Blackbeard Sailing Club and San Juan 21 Fleet 8 cordially invite all San Juan 21 and Blackbeard PHRF and cruising sailboats to attend the 2015 Fred Latham Regatta. This will be Fred’s 43rd year of San Juan 21 “Mad Mama” sailing (or being on display) at BSC on each and every New Years day from 1973 to 2015. Come join us in celebrating New Years Day! The Notice of Race, registration form and Sailing Sinstrcutions can be found on the Club website under Racing | NORs.

BSC Members should sign up by logging into the Members website and navigating to the "Events" feature. When registering, please be sure to use the comments section to note the particulars of our registration: US Sailing Membership (if applicable) and number of lunches. You will also need to bring a signed registration form with you on January 1st.

  • Registration fee is $20. (US Sailing Discount $5)
  • Hot dog & chili lunch is $5 per person
  • BSC Members may charge to their Club account.

If you can’t bring your boat, come join as crew, assist with R/C boat, mark boat or just come out and enjoy New Years Day with fellow sailors. Held, rain, snow, sleet, shine or whatever the weather.

Happy New Year!

Doug Longhini - 11/21/2014

Thanksgiving Dinner at BSC

The Ladies of the Club invite you to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with your fellow Members on Thursday, November 27th. We’re planning to gather for appetizers and drinks at 4:30 pm [BYOAB*], with dinner to follow about 6:00.

The LOTC are supplying turkey and ham but we need members to bring appetizers, vegetables and desserts. In order to ensure that we have enough for all, sign-up for this event is required. Please log onto the Club website using your UserID and password and navigate to Members | Social Events. And when you register, please indicate in the comments section what you will bring to share. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Ladies of the Club [LOTC] - 11/09/2014

Photos from Annual Meeting are Online

There are  photos from last Saturday's Annual Meeting on the website at Photos | Galleries | Annual Meeting 2014. Or click this link to be taken directly there.

Bill Green - 11/03/2014

2015 Draft Budget Submitted for Review

At the BOD meeting on Friday, November 17th, the Club's Finance Committee submitted its draft budget proposal for 2015 and requested that the Board:

  1. Accept it for consideration
  2. Publish it on the website to the membership for comment
  3. Consider the item and make changes at the November meeting
  4. Adopt the 2015 Budget at their December meeting
We encourage all Members to review this document and direct any questions or comments to the Finance Committee or the Board of Directors. The document can be found under Club Documents in the Members' section of the website .

Doug Longhini - 10/19/2014

October Epitaph is Available

The October Epitaph is available to read, download or print.Please click here.

Bill Green - 10/17/2014

Board Approves New Membership Procedure

At its August meeting, the Board approved a streamlined Membership Procedure to get applicants approved in a more timely manner. The new procedure requires two sponsors as before, but a nomination form is no longer needed. The Application Form now captures all essential information and the sponsors certify that basic information about the Club has been explained. In addition, the applicants' names and addresses will be submitted to the membership by email blast and members will have ten days to contact a Board member with questions. 

A more detailed explanation will be included in the next Epitaph. In the meantime, you'll find the new Membership Process and Application Form in Club Documents on the Members' website.

Dave Whitney - 08/13/2014

Boat US Hurricane Preparation Guide

Hurricane Irene has taught us a lesson: We can never be too prepared for a major storm! Thirteen boats in the trees. Dock boxes and dinghy racks thrown around like matchsticks. We could have been better prepared!

Boat US publlishes Preparing Baots and Marinas for Hurricanes which can be found under "Tips | Hurricane Prep".

Every member should review this document!

Bill Green - 09/05/2011

Security at BSC

The gate should never be left open after dark! If you are not sure whether you’re the last person on site, then please assume you are and close the gate!

If you don’t know how to do this, please ask a Board member who will be happy to assist. The security of the Club’s assets (and every member’s assets) is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Bill Green - 08/03/2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Alcohol Must Be Under Your Direct Control

The Club's permit issued by the NC Alcoholic Beverage Commission is at risk if members do not comply with the ABC Commission rules. Every member who brings beer, wine or liquor on the premises must have the items under their control at all times.

If you bring alcoholic beverages to the club house, please bring them in a small cooler or bag with your name on it. DO NOT place alcoholic beverages in the refrigerators.  We have been given one warning in the past. Do not be the member that causes our permit to be revoked.

Bill Green - 08/02/2010

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